High quality chairs & tables designed for infants and toddlers. This seat is ideal for kids of varied ages. The product has a sturdy wood frame construction, and it is going to withstand the regular rough use of the kids. It is safe for the kids to play around it due its reinforcement and the tip-resistant design. The foam is extremely comfortable as it is dense and there are wooden legs available which make it real furniture.


    Chairs feature an easy-to-clean natural finish and rounded edges for safety. Moreover, it is ergonomically designed to minimize soreness or fatigue, especially after sitting on it for a long time. This toddler chair is good for kids of different ages. This chair also comes with a durable wooden frame with a fully padded seat. These chairs come in 6", 8", and 10" seat heights to keep choosing the right size for class easy.


    The height of the chairs is 11 inches, Best Toddler Chairs buying guides it is solid wood. Kids chairs make an ideal companion for any children's bedroom or playroom, providing extra seating for play dates, doing arts and crafts, or just having loads of fun during play. It has a lightweight foam construction making it easy for the toddler to carry it around. The stockholm spaces range includes a variety of furniture pieces designed specifically for the early childhood and early primary school classroom environment.


    Cut-out handles on the back and both sides make the lightweight seats easy to pick up and move — it's fun for independent little ones to carry their own seat. However as there are two seat heights for this chair, we advise to check that the selected seat height is suitable for use with any particular table. The plush padding boosts the comfort to make certain the child is very comfortable.


    These chairs are available in three different heights, making it simple to find the right sizes for your class. The nickelodeon toddlers chair has polyester fill cushioning, which provides your kid with ample comfort. Besides, the microsuede fabric is also stain-resistant and therefore, it is suitable for kids. For the preschool kids, the chair is very appropriate in teaching them on good sitting manners.


    It is easy for the kids to reach while sitting as it has a height of 10.5 inches. Seat height 130mm ideal for toddlers, seat height 200mm ideal for age 2-3 years, and seat height 250mm ideal for age 3-4 years. This toddler chair comes with the design of the cute animals which your kids would love to have. The chair has the long-lasting, yet, comfortable fabric cover.


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